Research Projects

Research Projects

TÜBİTAK Project ( 113S103) : Multiplanar Internal and  Eksternal Applicable Bone Fixation Implant. Project Manager.

METU Mechanical Engineering “ Design of a modular orthopaedic implant”  Ankara ODTÜ, 18/08/2015  PhD Thesis co Supervisior,

GMMA Spinal Surgery Research. The effectiveness of erythropoietin and mesenchymal stem cell combination at spinal fusion. PhD Thesis Supervisor.

GMMA Spinal Surgery Research. 3D Model Guided Spinal Surgery. PhD Thesis Supervisor

TÜBİTAK Project ( 36056 ) :   Direct Manufactoring Machine for Custom Designed Biomedical Products. Project Supervisor

Scoliosis Research Society USA MedtronicGrant Host Application  Host Name: Erbil Oguz Host   State: Turkey Host Email: Site Name: GMMA-MDMC.