Istanbul Scoliosis School

Scoliosis is a curable disease. No need to worry. There are many things that can be done.


Early diagnosis in scoliosis:

🔹️When scoliosis is diagnosed early and necessary precautions are taken, most of the curvatures do not progress; even improve to a certain extent. Therefore, it is very important for families to be aware.

🔹️The difference in the level of the shoulders and shoulder blades, asymmetry in the skin folds of the waist region and the arm- to- the body distance are the most important indicators.

🔹️For the last 10 years, studies have been carried out to raise awareness of the society about scoliosis and special exercises have been given to patients who are diagnosed earlier. Schroth exercises are the most popular and widely accepted of these. With these individually planned exercises, the progression of scoliosis is stopped to a large extent and in many cases, the degrees decrease after a period of 6 months. The results are more pleasing in direct proportion to the children's perception of the exercises and doing their homework without interruption, and the serious follow-up of the families.

🔹️ Another treatment method is the corset. Scoliosis brace is applied if there is a curvature of more than 20 degrees in children who have not completed their bony growth.