Schroth Scoliosis Exercise Camp

👉Istanbul Scoliosis School organizes the "Schroth Scoliosis Exercise" camp during the semester break.
🔹 (from January 22 to February 6)
👉 In these camp programs, exercise is done for 1.5 hours a day for 7 days.
👉 Who will the camp be for? The camp is very useful for people who have taken an exercise program before and are still doing these exercises at home in order to reinforce what they know and push their limits and increase their performance. One-to-one programs will be organized for people who will come from outside of Istanbul, even if they have not taken exercise before, in order to make the most of their  holiday period.
👉Our aim:
🔹Educating patients about their particular curve types and how it affects their posture,
🔹Reinforcing the home exercise program that aims to give patients the realignment of the posture affected by scoliosis or kyphosis using their auto-correction abilities in all three planes of the body,
🔹Making additions or deletions according to the needs by controlling the exercises that the patient is still doing,
🔹Teaching patients how to use Schroth Exercise principles in activities of daily living to provide continuous active correction 
🔹Teaching patients with corsets the necessity of doing exercises even thought they wear a corset, and developing their motivation to use and wear a corset.
👉There will be no additional charges for the participants' doctor's examination, x-ray evaluations and scoliometric measurements at the beginning and end of the camp.
👉Dates and times are left flexible according to the programs of the participants.
👉Call (216) 418 88 74 for fee information and registration.
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