What is cupping theraphy ?

A small suction cup is placed on the skin and a vacuum is created, drawing the blood close to the surface. The cup is removed and with a small razor blade, tiny incisions are made. The cup is replaced, the suction is applied and the blood begins to ooze out...

“Alternative medicine is not meant to be used instead of modern medical procedures, that is impossible. It must be used alongside it,”

“What we need is more medical researches and education about this method,”

Cupping also has links to acupoints on a person's body, which are central to the practice of acupuncture.

Many doctors consider cupping therapy a complementary therapy, which means that many do not recognize it as part of Western medicine. This does not mean that it is not effective, however.

Complementary therapies with supporting research may be an addition to Modern medicine. However, as the pubmed note, there is not yet enough high-quality research to prove cupping's effectiveness.

Scientists have linked cupping therapy with a variety of health benefits, although there needs to be more research to determine whether it is effective as a treatment.